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WestSoy Plus  Item #  Case size
 WestSoy Plus Plain  96200  12 x 32 oz.
 WestSoy Plus Vanilla  96225  12 x 32 oz.
 WestSoy Plus Cocoa  96240  12 x 32 oz.
WestSoy Plus Lunch Box  Item #  Case size
 WestSoy Plus Plain  96255  9/3 pack 8.45 oz.
 WestSoy Plus Vanilla  96265  9/3 pack 8.45 oz.

Non Dairy replacement for 2% fat dairy milk. Fortified with Calcium, Vitamins A , D and Riboflavin (B2) , .Contains 10% Thiamine, 25% Riboflavin (B2), 25% Phosphorus, 10% Magnesium

More About Westbrae Non Dairy Beverages: made with Brown Rice Syrup, High in Complex Carbohydrates, made with Expeller PressedCanola Oil or Corn Oil, Organically Grown Soybeans, Reclosable Spouts on all liters and 1/2 gallons, All Natural , Certified Kosher, Lactose
and Cholesterol Free.

Did you know that soybeans are full of "isoflavones," natural compounds which may prevent heart
disease, cancer, osteoporosis and hot flashes? Soy protein substituted for animal protein can prevent
heart disease, reported The New England Journal of Medicine. It was also found that soy lowers
blood cholesterol, specifically the "bad cholesterol," low-density lipoprotein. Isoflavones, a type of
plant estrogen, are a class of phytochemicals known for health-promoting benefits.